Sean Payne

Sean Payne grew up in Seattle, singing along to his Dad’s Beatles records and playing air guitar. Suffering from acute MCSD (Manic Compulsive Singing Disorder), Sean has been in vocal groups almost constantly his whole life, starting with the Seattle Boys Choir, singing in his high school vocal jazz ensemble, and even with the acclaimed Bellevue College group, Celebration. In high school he met Sean Braxton, who convinced him with trickery and M-Pact music, to start an a cappella group, through which they met Angelo Allard. While their destiny seemed assured, the group eventually broke up and Sean became a weird, world traveling hippie with an awesome wife and baby boy. But the dream to be in an amazing a cappella group still lingered. So when 5bit, now Restless, came knocking, Sean knew he had to answer.